Optimize Your Hormones

Regain your Energy, Mental Clarity and Joy, and Finally Show Up with the Passion you Deserve in your Family, Career, and Life
Annette Presley, Registered Dietitian & Functional Nutritionist specializing in women's hormone optimization with over 30 years of experience

Are you tired of feeling like crap? Want to lose weight, get your libido back, overcome depression and anxiety, think clearly, have more energy, or get pregnant?

Then you are in the right place because I help women, just like you, transform their body and their health so they can be the high performing rockstar at work, the fun, energetic mom at home, and the passionate wife in the bedroom

Can You Relate?

Women come to me when they feel their hormones have gone wild, they can’t resolve their anxiety and depression, they can’t keep the weight off, they are heading towards diabetes, or they are trying to get pregnant and traditional methods have failed.

They have tried all the conventional methods including prescriptions, procedures, and therapy, but these methods often end up not working or in some cases make things even worse.

Their symptoms are interfering with their relationships, their job performance, and their ability to enjoy life. They are starting to lose hope, but still desperately want a solution so they can get their life back.

I’ve Got Great News! You Can Get Your Life Back And Feel Joy Again!

Many of my clients have never even been asked about their nutrition or lifestyle habits from the professionals they have worked with, so they simply don’t understand the IMPACT nutrition and lifestyle have on the symptoms they are experiencing and want to resolve.

Women come to me following the conventional “healthy” diet advice and don’t realize the advice we get actually makes us deficient in key vitamins and minerals our body and brain need to function properly. They don’t know their diet is doing more harm than good.

So, as a functional nutritionist with over 30 years of experience, I created The Revived Woman Protocol, a natural, easy-to-follow, supported, and highly-effective method to help women balance and revitalize their hormones, improve fertility, create a calm and peaceful mind, and even lose weight and control blood sugar.

My Simple 3-Step System To Go From Crappy to Happy

Remove tab
There are things you consume or are exposed to every day that create imbalances in your body which lead to the symptoms you are experiencing. So first, we must Remove the toxic foods, chemicals, and products causing the imbalance, preventing your body from functioning properly.
Replenish tab
Then we Replenish your body with the right foods and key supplements to help bring your hormones back into alignment and optimize your overall health so you can finally begin to feel peace, joy, and vitality again. And, for those seeking pregnancy, this is the key to putting your body in it's optimal state to become pregnant.
If you are living a life that is promoting stress and chaos, your body can never return to its optimal state of health. So, we Revitalize your life by helping you intentionally design and shape your lifestyle and environment to promote physical and emotional balance, keeping your body and mind in an optimal state and functioning at its best. This is where you really start to get your life back and begin to feel more energized, think more clearly, and find renewed passion for life.

Hi, I'm Annette

I know the struggles and joys of being a woman.

We have so much love and power to change the world to make it a better place for everyone. But it starts with taking care of ourselves so that we can be present to everyone and everything else.

That’s where I come in. I help you uncover the nutritional deficiencies that make you feel like crap and provide a solid plan for supporting the structure and function of your body so you can feel like yourself again and enjoy your life.

Tame your wild hormones

If your hormones are behaving badly, your minerals are out of balance.

Kick depression and anxiety to the curb

If you can’t stop worrying about things or get out of bed in the morning, or nothing brings you joy, your minerals are out of balance.

Get pregnant naturally

If you’ve tried for over a year to get pregnant and even if you’ve had a failed IVF, your minerals are out of balance.

Lose weight and control blood sugar

If you can’t lose weight or keep it off or your blood sugar is out of control, your minerals are out of balance and you haven’t turned off your fat switch.


pregnant couple
Pregnancy the first time around came real easy. But after years of being on birth control and other hormones, the second time around not so much. My husband and I struggled for almost two years. We met with Annette and she gave me a list of foods that I needed to add into my diet and some of which I needed to take out of my diet. She also put me on some supplements. Within a month I could already feel my body was different. My cycle was more normal, and my moods were stabilizing. Within three months I was pregnant.
successful woman
I had major female problems and was scheduled to have a hysterectomy but lost my insurance and had to cancel. That turned out to be a blessing because Annette tweaked my diet and gave me a few supplements and six months later I had insurance but no longer needed a hysterectomy!
happy woman
On so many occasions Annette has not only lifted my spirits, but my soul. For me, she defines the words friendship and acceptance. Annette loves people for who they are. She asks "what can I bring to this relationship" and not "what can I get." And she never gives up.

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