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I take HSA/FSA payments and have financing available at https://advancecarecard.com/

30-Minute Consultation

In this phone conversation, I’ll ask what your health goals are, have you give an overview of how you got to where you are and what you’ve tried so far to fix it, and I’ll ask some questions about what you eat.

If you are the right client for me and I can help you, with your permission, I will offer the service I think would be the best fit for you and you can decide if I am the right nutritionist for you.

If you don’t want to do a phone call, you can message me on IG @hormonehandler or we can communicate through email at annette@annettepresley.com.

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Health Audit ($99)

Get a taste of what it’s like to work with me. The $99 can be applied to my 3-month program if you decide you want to feel even better, so you have nothing to lose.

In this 1-hour session we will take a deep dive into diet, supplements, your goals, stress and create a health roadmap to get you started on the path to healing.

We will wrap up with some ThetaHealing to clear some limiting beliefs and unforgiveness that will open the door to healing.


My pharmacy for nutritional supplements.

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Lab Review and Customized Health Restoration Plan ($499)

Find out why you feel like crap and get a customized plan to get your life back.

I have specific labs I like and will provide a list you can take to your doctor or I can order them for you. If you have labs less than 6 months old, I can use those as well. Cost of labs will depend on what you want, but range from $140 to $1000

You will get a customized plan with food, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations.

We will end the session with some ThetaHealing to remove limiting beliefs and unforgiveness that keep symptoms stuck in the body.

You also get a month of Voxer support to help you with implementing the plan.

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