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Hi, I Am Annette Presley

I am a Registered Dietitian with over 30 years of experience, Certified Functional Nutritionist, Root Cause Protocol Consultant, Certified ThetaHealer, best selling author, speaker, widow, and mom to two twenty something kids and a shih tzu.

Whew. Now that we’ve got all my credentials squared away, I’ve got hot chocolate in my mug because I’m one of those weird people who don’t like coffee. I don’t even like tea. My beverages of choice are water and raw milk.

My favorite thing to do besides spending time with my family, relaxing on a beach, or body surfing is to help women feel better.

I don’t like the way our healthcare system operates, especially when it comes to women. We are so easily dismissed as crazy people and sent home with antidepressants, birth control, or scheduled for a hysterectomy and none of those fix our problem nor do they honor our mind and body.

About 14 years into being a dietitian, I discovered that the advice I was taught to dispense was actually contributing to chronic disease and obesity. YIKES!

I almost quit nutrition entirely, I was so angry! But God said, “Annette, you are not quitting. You are going to tell the truth.” With an eye roll I said, “ok God, I’ll do it your way,” but not very convinced it was going to work.

As I suspected, I got in trouble and had to defend my credentials (for telling people to eat butter instead of margarine. I know crazy, right? But that is the nature of the system.

I won, but it was quite the eye opening experience. I found out they don’t really care what the science says, everything is all political which does not serve you.

Women were being given bad advice and then being blamed for not following the advice when it didn’t work. That is just not fair.

I have gone on to study nutrigenomics, how food and environment impact our genes, but what is really paradigm shifting is the Root Cause Protocol. It’s a game changer and now I have all the right tools to help you stop feeling like crap so you can truly get your life and libido back.

What does it look like to work with me?

I do not believe there is such a thing as disease. It is dis-ease and it starts with stress. Stress leads to mineral imbalance which leads to symptoms and stress leads to beliefs and emotions that determine where symptoms show up in the body.

To heal, you have to deal with stress, mineral imbalance, and emotions/beliefs. So I:

– Help you manage stress
– Bring your minerals back into balance
– Change beliefs/emotions so that you can heal completely

I have you fill out a health questionnaire (I know you are probably tired of rehashing your health history, but just one more time), stress tracker, and food diary and then I evaluate your lab work.

Once I have all this information, we come up with a plan that is simple to implement and goes at your pace to help you get a handle on your stress, balance minerals, and deal with beliefs/emotions that are holding dis-ease in the body so you can feel like yourself again.

What people create in their lives is based on their beliefs that are held at a cellular level. This is why they repeat things over and over and wonder why they can’t get it together. These beliefs can come from traumas, any kind of stress, words that were said to us as a child, experiences, and even from our parents and ancestors because it is passed down in our DNA

ThetaHealing is a simple modality that can change those beliefs so you can change your life and you don’t have to relive your trauma. In a nutshell, with ThetaHealing, we list beliefs (we can muscle test these) and then I go straight to God and have him change it for you highest and best good.

You do not have to believe in God for this to work. I follow Jesus and I go to his Abba. If you believe God is something/someone else it still works.

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