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Smidge liver supplement

Grassfed from New Zealand and created in small batches with no fillers. A great option for a multivitamin or prenatal.

If you want to detox in a healthy way, castor oil is a great way to go and you can do it while you sleep. Lots of products for self care. (I am an affiliate for these products)

Real food supplements based on animal organs to support hormone health, energy, bones, digestion, immunity and more.

Epicure made it to the US finally! Spices, kitchen tools, and everything you need to create healthy meals in 20 minutes without toxins. Products are gluten free, nut free, 90% Non GMO project verified and working on 100%.

Take care of your teeth with ozone therapy. Also great products for skin. (I am an affiliate for these products)

Organically grown on family farms.

Independently lab tested for purity.

Sugar free and no additives.