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You are a masterpiece! But maybe you don’t feel like a masterpiece.

Maybe you feel like your body has betrayed you because it just isn’t working the way it used to or the way it’s supposed to.

You WISH you could be the WIFE who wanted to have sex, the MOTHER who had energy to play with her kids, the WOMAN who could get pregnant easily, the CEO who is confident and calm instead of depressed and anxious…

You are TIRED of not being HEARD at the doctor’s office, being DISMISSED as a CRAZY woman and sent home with a medication that won’t solve your problem.

Maybe you have already spent so much money to get well and nothing has worked and you are hesitant to spend more.

Well, I’ve got you! The Nutrition Game Plan is designed to give you some relief without breaking the bank and help you see what’s possible.

What You Get

A customized strategy to take you from crappy to happy and some tips to help you feel better within 7 days.

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Duration: 45 minutes

Your cost: $250

Walk through your health history and 3 day food diary

Connect your stress to your symptoms

Create your customized Nutrition Game Plan

Get two easily actionable steps to raise your vitality within 7 days

No more guessing about what to do or wasting money on supplements that don’t work

Revived women

All you want to do is feel like yourself again

Women come to me when they feel their hormones have gone wild, they can’t resolve their anxiety and depression, or they are trying to get pregnant and traditional methods have failed.

They have tried all the conventional methods including prescriptions, procedures, and therapy, but these methods often end up not working or in some cases make things even worse.

Their symptoms are interfering with their relationships, their job performance, and their ability to enjoy life. They are starting to lose hope, but still desperately want a solution so they can get their life back

The Revived Woman Protocol is designed to do just that, help you get your life back in a way that doesn’t break the bank and gives you plenty of time to heal.

Some people heal better when they go slow, others can go fast with no problem. The Revived Woman Protocol works for both types.

What You get

A group/course combo you can get done in 8 weeks or 1 year. Go at your own pace and get the support you need along the way.

The Revived Woman Protocol has three steps; Remove, Replenish, and Revitalize.

We Remove the toxic foods, chemicals, and products that cause your body to be out of balance and feeling like crap.

We Replenish your body with the right foods and key supplements to help bring your hormones and minerals back into alignment and optimize your overall health so you can finally begin to feel peace, joy, and vitality again.

If you are living a life that is promoting stress and chaos, your body can never return to its optimal state of health. So, we Revitalize your life by helping you intentionally design and shape your lifestyle and environment to promote physical and emotional balance, keeping your body and mind in an optimal state and functioning at its best.

(This is not for you if you are unwilling or unable to eat animal sources of vitamin A (liver, full fat dairy, butter, cream, eggs or desiccated liver and cod liver oil)

You can join anytime here.

Duration: 1 year

Your cost: $1,500   (payment plans and financing available)

Health Revitalization Plan

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You’ve tried everything. You’ve changed your diet, you took all the supplements, and got rid of some toxins. 

Maybe you took medications and even had surgeries to fix your problem and nothing has worked. 

You just want to feel better for longer than a few months.

The Health Revitalization Plan is perfect for those who have been struggling with their health or infertility for a year or more without real relief.

Even if you’ve done IVF we can improve your nutritional status and your chances of getting pregnant.

The Health Revitalization Plan is 4 months of 1:1 support plus you get the Revived Woman Protocol and double the Q&A calls so it’s 16 months of support and it comes with a guarantee. If you don’t get the results you were looking for, I’ll keep working with you until you do.

What you get

A 4 month 1:1 experience along with the Revived Woman Protocol that provides up to a year of group support.

If your health issues are not resolved significantly or you do not get pregnant, I will keep working with you until you meet your goal (you, of course, have to do the work).

(I cannot help you if you are unwilling to eat animal sources of vitamin A like liver, full fat dairy, butter, cream, eggs or desiccated liver and cod liver oil.)

Duration: 16 months

Your cost: $4,000  (payment plans and financing available)

Two 60-90 minute sessions

Three 30 minute follow-up sessions

Labs (iodine loading test, comprehensive wellness panel, HTMA)

Follow-up iodine loading test and key wellness panel labs

24 group Q&A calls to use within one year (offered twice a month)

Revived Woman Protocol online course

Common Questions

Accept your invitation to Practice Better, a HIPAA compliant online practice site and pay the invoice.

A registered dietitian has completed 4 years of college, 900 hours of an internship. passed a national exam, and maintains 75 hours of continuing education credits every 5 years.

I am also a certified functional nutritionist and a Root Cause Protocol Consultant so I look at micronutrients, emotional well being, and lifestyle habits.

I have been a dietitian for over 30 years.

If you cannot make an appointment, give 24 hours notice or the session will be forfeit. I do not give refunds.

Depending on what you sign up for, you might fill out a Stress Tracker, Health Questionnaire, and 3 day food diary and have labs drawn. We meet on the Practice Better platform and communicate through their message system. The Revived Woman Protocol is available immediately and you sign up for the Q&A sessions you want to attend.

I do not take insurance but I can provide a superbill that you can take to your insurance and see if they will cover it. I do have financing available through

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